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10:01am 08-08-2013
Carol Pickering
Hi Margie,
I hope you got my email regarding working with A New Dawn, and look forward to your coming to visit our unique shelter.
12:26am 07-29-2013
Margie Carroll
I run a feral kitten rescue in Baytown. I have about 10 kittens left to place. They will have their shots, feline leukemia testing and be neutered before I adopt them out. I am not associated with any rescue group and I really need to become involved with someone who might let me put a few of these sweethearts into an adoption program in exchange for some volunteer time. I also participate in the TNR program at FCAP and have taken in over 20 cats so far to be spayed and neutered, I'd love to become involved in your group.
10:28am 07-02-2013
Judy Hildreth
I live in Deer Park and a stray cat got in my garage and had kittens. I have seen 3. One orange, one black, and one gray. The mom won't let me get near her. The kittens look to be about 4 weeks old. I need to catch the mom and kittens and take to a rescue. I would keep them but I have three dogs. Just can't have any more animals. Really concerned about them and don't want them to be stray and wild and have more and more kittens. Does any one have any suggestions as to when I should try to catch them and where to take them.? I know you probably have limited space and can't take a whole family. I leave the garage door up so the mom can come and go but soon or possibly now the kittens will need solid food. Thanks for any help.
3:21pm 06-06-2013
George Hughes
I am a volunteer at A New Dawn. I am glad to say I am also one who adopts or rescues dogs. I just adopted my second dog from A New Dawn. Her name is Sophie. We were told she had Distemper about 3 weeks after we got her. I helped doctor her back to good health. Glad to say, she was a false positive for Distemper. Anyway, when she got well, I could not let her go. She is now the newest member of my family and me, Wilson, Bella, and Pete could not be happier.
10:30am 03-30-2013
Found dog La Porte, Tx on 3-29-2013
Male, neutered, ~45-50lbs, tan with white markings
Young and playful, ~1yr old
4:09pm 03-21-2013
Hi there! I was just in today and I got back on your website just to check it out a little more. I found a handsome little kitty by the name of Romeo at petsmart and after a few weeks my boyfriend and I were regretting not adopting him, we were SO excited to find out that you still have him and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival back at the shelter, and for all our paperwork to go through! Can't wait to have our new family member all settled in.
10:36am 03-20-2013
Yes, Jenny we do have cats at our shelter and at Petsmart on Fairmont. Please come visit our shelter. We would be glad to give you a tour. Our hours are posted on the website..Thanks for your interest in A New Dawn.
5:38pm 03-19-2013
I am new to the area and have been looking to adopt a cat I was looking at the cat section and saw that there are no cats up for adoption, do you have cats? Also, I keep looking at the news and there is nothing posted. You must be very busy if there is nothing posted. I would like to follow your shelter and possibly volunteer there. I would like to see what's happening at your facility before I make that following the news, on the website since I don't use facebook or anything of that nature.
10:33am 03-01-2013
Linda Hayes
I have a 7 month old Jack Russel wired haired terrier mix puppy that I rescued and he needs a good home. He loves to sleep in a carrier and loves to play. He also sleeps in his carries as long a s the door is opened. He is loving and his name is Micky. Rescued from a neighbor that was taking care him so I feed him and he has had a bath , Blond n color . Please help me. I wish I could keep him but I have older sick dogs and he is very energetic.that is why I can;t keep him. It is brakiing my heart to have to give him up. Thank you
1:36pm 01-17-2013
Norma Hunter
We are so happy with our 2 new kittens that we adopted last week. You guys do a great job, keep up the good work. We renamed them Dahlia, and Max.
10:06pm 12-03-2012
*** Cat Found***

Hello I live in the deer creek subdivision by Hobby Lobby. We have a new neighborhood stray cat roaming the streets. I cant help but think it used to have a home. Its very unique, its a white cat with a black bobtail an and a black spot on its head. If anyone is missing this little guy let me know. I tried to pet it or even maybe pick it up to check for a microchip, but it ran off. It shows up on my porch a lot looking for food. I have 3 cats so I cant let it in the house, there would be a fight. my email is
9:29pm 11-02-2012
Julie Parker
I have a simease female cat that is probably about 12 yrs old in human years. She is very loving and needs lots of attention from someone that adores cats and has time to give her the love and attention back. She was my son's cat and he has since moved out on his own and didn't take her. She is declawed front and back and has been fixed. I hate to see her go she's one of the family but I'm also allergic to cats and since I've gotten older its been alot rougher.

Thank you for your time.
8:43pm 10-09-2012
Laurie Dodson
I have many things to Thank Dawn and all the volunteers at the shelter for. But tomorrow Dash Dodson (my dauchsand) turns two years old. He is such a great little guy. Makes me crazy some times but always reminds me that there are more important things in life than all the daliy stress we have every day. Dash and Oscar our long haired dauchsand love our family with that great unconditional love that an animal has. If we are not up by 6:30 AM you should be warned. You are about to be attached by over whelming ksses. They just can't wait any longer. It is the best part of every morning. So THANK YOU DAWN - Dash is the light of my day along with Oscar. I can't imagine a day with out them.
10:47am 09-12-2012
Lena Davis
Hi Dawn & Debbie! What a joy it was for my mom (Barbara Briggs) and I to find you girls! And to find the shelter! It was great seeing you both after many years! What y'all are doing is wonderful! We'll see you again soon!

Love y'all!
Lena & Barbara & Sean
7:31pm 09-09-2012
Carol Pickering
As a volunteer at A New Dawn, I am always amazed at the goodness of people who love animals. Sarah Warner, a young woman from Pasadena, had a birthday party, and asked not for presents for herself, but for presents for the animals at A New Dawn. She arrived at the shelter on Tuesday with her boyfriend, and they proceeded to give a toy to each of our animals, along with food, litter, other toys, a new harness and leash. Sarah, you are a very special friend of A New Dawn, and we truly appreciate your unselfishness in thinking of our babies..
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