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7:57pm 02-25-2015
kim wilkinson
I have a male cat who is just under 1 1/2 years old. He has been neutered and has had shots. He's either all, or part Maine Coon with black and gray tabby coat. He is super sweet and social once he meets you. We don't have the time that he deserves. Looking for a home for him. As soon as possible.
10:05am 08-04-2014
Karen champion
Long time to hear from how are you guys miss you I may come see ya soon
11:11am 05-06-2014
Kevin Kirkland
I have three 1-2 week old kittens we found at my job. Need a home for them or a "NO KILL" shelter/rescue so these guys will have a fighting chance...
5:10pm 04-15-2014
jean ann
i was thinking about barbie the femail pomerian i saw there a few months ago
6:45pm 04-14-2014
Barb Moore
Please come to see Dawn and her furry friends. She and volunteer staff work so hard to get these babies a loving home. Today, instead of that fast food, take those dollars and drop them off for the care of these furkids. Sweet kitty and doggie kisses are so much better for your health! You may find a friend for life!
10:20pm 01-23-2014
Judy Booth
Carol, thanks for answering my email regarding Nicolas. I am so happy someone wants to adopt him!!! I already have a Golden Retriever and our family could not take care of another dog. So glad we were able to care for him for that one cold cold night
9:19am 01-16-2014
Carol Pickering
To answer Judy Booth, we still have Nicolas, a tiny Yorkie, who is now ready to be adopted. He is a real joy to be around, and even enjoys playing with all the "big boys and girls" at the shelter.
2:00pm 01-06-2014
roger payne
i'm thinking that the dog i applied for has been given to someone else? was called friday,was tobe called back,did not get said call. please inform me what actions you took and if you will, why.
6:47pm 01-02-2014
Judy Booth
I am wondering if anyone ever claimed or adopted the little Yorkie Dog, male, that we turned in right before Christmas. It was not my dog!! Just curious because he was such a sweetie.
4:29pm 11-08-2013
Laurie Baack
]A few years ago I had come into your pet adoption shelter and found the cutest dog I ever saw.
I ended up adopting the dog his name at the time was Buster.
I was more than happy to pay the fee for the puppy and take him home to a warm loving Family.
I did end up renaming the Dog Buddy Baack. He took to the name very quickly.
This dog because of the care and love you do in your shelter he adapted very well in my home.
Buddy has a very special personality as dogs generally do, He is loving and sleeps with me every night.
I have recently went through a horrible divorce and Buddy stuck by my side.
My X-Husband left him behind but I am thankful he stayed with me. he licks me when I feel sad and plays with his toys just like a 2 year old would.
Thank you very much for what you do at your pet rescue adoption agency.
Buddy is my Buddy and the name was perfect it fits him like a glove.
I do run into people looking to adopt animals and always tell them to come to your agency to look around. your friendly ways makes it easy to pick just the right pet for the home.
All of you play a very special part in the community taking extra special care in housing these animals.
I sure hope the city recognizes you and all the hard work you do to save these very kind pets that all of us should be grateful for.
When we get down or get sick we can always count on our little furry friends.
Thank you,
Ms. Baack and Buddy
5:11pm 10-21-2013
Calgary Gluten Free
Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts. I am looking forward to another great article from you.
2:03pm 09-28-2013
Thank-you for your employee who adopted my white female CAT named BUBBLES on Friday Sept 13, 2013. I had a family emergency in Canada and had to leave her outside with NewDawn. She is spayed, microchipped, and had her 2013 vaccinations this month in September. She loves getting her hair clipped, and her nails cut. She loves whiskas crunchy treats. Her favorite toy is JackinTheBox antana balls. Her step-brother Booger is a siamese male and misses her very much every day. He cries, and looks for her everyday. I would like put put BUBBLES AND BOOGER on the phone so they can hear each other's MEOW , and my voice to comfort them &BUBBLES. I would also like to know (for peace of mind) how BUBBLES is doing. Thank-you again for your employee adopting her into their loving home. Please call me at 956-536-4988 or E-mail me at
11:44am 09-08-2013
I am a travel nurse and have a beautiful indoor only, friendly, happy, seal point white/platinum female cat, spayed, micro-chip, loves to get groomed monthly at home with hair lion-cut,and nails clipped. Her name is Bubbles, due to her friendly attitude. She is a sociable :"lap-kitty", and loves attention. Due to my travel nurse jet set job, I move locations every 8 weeks. I love my kitty, and want a stable home for her instead of lonely hotel rooms. I will be doing a travel assignment in Baytown Texas Sept 2011, and would like your company to be the one to find Bubbles a new home. I am confident in your no-kill shelter policies/procedures in finding my little girl a new home. Please E-mail me if you are interested in finding my kitty a new home. sincerely, Jennifer,RN
9:26am 08-15-2013
Carol Pickering
Hello Rebekah,
We are so glad that you have chosen to share your love with Augie and give him a forever home. Please keep us updated and send us pictures, so that we can watch him as he adjusts to his new home.
Thanks for supporting A New Dawn, and for your compliments about our staff and facility.
9:28pm 08-10-2013
Rebekah Gibson
Hello! My husband and I came in today while visiting our family in Deer Park. We recently decided that we would like to add a sweet dog to our little family and decided we might as well look in local shelters while in Deer Park. We met Augie today at A New Dawn and fell in LOVE! We spent about 20 minutes playing with him at the shelter then took home an application to do some thinking. Well, it was only about an hour later that we returned to turn our adoption application in! We are crossing our fingers, hoping that Augie will be ours soon, and couldn't have been more pleased with our visit to the shelter. Extremely friendly and helpful staff, and adorable pets all looking for a new home. Thank you for such a great experience!
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