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9:20am 04-24-2011
Gloria Greenwood
Just wanted to say again, how much we love Princess. We have a magazine that has a Westin Terrier picture and it looks just like her. She loves to play and has a number of toys. She loves a treat each day and loves to go walking outside. She sleeps good. I thank God for helping us find your shelter, New Dawn, and for all of you who help the animals. Love, Gloria and George PS: sometimes we call her Westie, she looks so much like the dog in the picture even has the brown beard. Keep up your good work, Happy Easter
4:57pm 04-15-2011
i was tryin to adopt a dog from this shelter, i have kids it was gonna be ourfirs dog an cuz of that fact i dont have a vet reference so tey denied us. i could go an get a pure breed dog but i want to help the pet population. i think they should refer people to a vet. an istead of some of the silly ?s they ask on the app. they should be askin weather people can afford these pets cuz aint that the reason animals r abanden in the first place. obivously they r not tring to help these animals cuz they wuld have refered us to a vet instead of deneying uscuz we dont have a vet.
4:57pm 04-07-2011
Gloria Greenwood
I wanted to tell you Miss Dawn how much we appreciate what you do for all of those sweet animals. I am Princess new mom and we love her very much. She is so sweet and playful and loving. She is truly a precious dog. She is adjusting very well to our lifestyle. I most admire the way you have made homes for all of these dogs and taught them how to go to bed at night and listen to classical music. You are a light in this world, may God bless what you are doing for these animals always. Sincerely, Gloria Greenwood
8:41pm 02-11-2011
karen l champion
just wanted to say hello,miss you guy's very much,still living in katy,we'll enough of that! tell your family hello and kiss those pets,lv:
3:21pm 01-19-2011
Ashley Cisneors
i just love working with animals there just so beautiful creatures
10:09pm 01-11-2011
Laurie dodson
So when you are an animal lover the first thing you have to promise your husband is that you will not bring home all the animals from the shelter if you are a volunteer. I made that promise and like all of the volunteers I broke that promise when the 4 month old Dash hound puppy arrive. So yes Dawn you can mark him adopted. He is the center of the world in the Dodson house. He is crazy about Lauren and Charles may say he does not want 3 dogs but who is holding him when I come home each day! Daisy and Oscar ( our dogs) are pooped by 8PM but it was a good day of play! Each day at the shelter is well worth it even if you never take an animal home because saving animals lives and finding homes is what we are all about. But taking one home is the ultimate reward for all the hours we spend and give. I guess the truth is exactly what we are taught You get what you give in life. Dash is great puppy and Dash Dodson will have a long and wonderful life in our home. Thanks Dawn! He is the best !
3:10pm 12-15-2010
Tracy McDonald
hey there! I saw your Mother last night at HEB----I love the name of your business!
My home email is
2:26pm 12-11-2010
It was a pleasure meeting Dawn and Debbie today at PetSmart in Pasadena. They were very helpful, informative and supportive. I'm glad these animals have a second chance due to the hard work and love of A New Dawn!
8:53pm 11-11-2010
whats up at Dawns
This week Dawn went on a real vacation. Funny as it may be the shelter is running very well. Thanks to Ellens fine leadership. I went by today and pookie seem to be missing Dawn but he is adapting to the rest of us. So Dawn we miss you dearly and I can look at the pups and see they miss you but you can take a vacation because with Ellens leadership we can survive. Thanks to all you great volunteers who step up so you can have a vacation. So I hope you enjoyed your vacation because come monday there are lots of doggie kisses waiting for you.
8:06pm 09-18-2010
I really appreciate all the special attention you have been giving my relative's cat. I live in another city but call every couple of weeks to check on her progress. Since her lastest owner went into a retirement center, she has been scared, reclusive and depressed. Everyone at A New Dawn have gone out of their way to work with her and help her through this tramatic time. Ladies, I appreciate all your hard work and endless hours with all your animals.
4:35pm 09-12-2010
Does A New Dawn advocate declawing? Absolutely not! However, thousands of cats are euthanized each year because of overcrowding. Some of that comes from owners that don't want their pet any longer because they claw their furniture! Which is the worst option, declawing in a loving home or not declawing and ending up on the streets or in a shelter in a cage along with thousands of others. Volunteer with this group and you will see how much they love and respect their animals. Those animals come first!
9:51pm 09-11-2010
These people dont really know Dawn very well. If you spend anytime with this organization you know that if they don't make it - it is because Dawn the owner would rather go out of business than give an animal to a person that might hurt them. They do have cats that are de-clawed because that is how they came but we all know that a cat can not live outside with out claws. Dawn would never ask a client to do this. Yes call Channel 13 because we could use the press but they will not find any abused animals at A New Dawn. If you have never volunteered there you should try it as you would have an entirely different opinion after that. This group saves over 100 animals each year that would have been put down in a local city shelter. This group does not advocate anything that abuses and animal/
You need to spend some time with this group before you make this statement.
2:01pm 09-11-2010
A New Dawn does not advocate or support de-clawing. However, when a cat gets adopted, the new owner has complete control. Go after them if you wish.
8:22pm 09-08-2010
We need to tell Channel 13!!!!!! They did a story on this group!!!! Do they know this?????
6:14pm 09-08-2010
Do not support this agency - they advocate declawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let everyone know!!!!!!!!!!
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