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7:58pm 09-28-2018
Sherry Silcox
The cat section is not working!
11:24am 08-18-2018
elethia qc
i found a beautiful cat 2 weeks ago. he needs a good family. already have 2 rescue cats and one rescue dog. i cant keep him. pls help him!!!
9:16am 08-09-2018
Mary Ledet
A sad situation in our rv park (San Jacinto River Resort). A family stayed here for 4 months. When they left the cabin 2 months ago, they left their cat, Primrose, behind. She is lost without them and keeps staying by their cabin waiting for them. She is very tame and gets along with dogs (I have 3 in a camper!). She has beautiful iridescent green eyes and short silver fur. I have been feeding her and making sure that she has water at her cabin. You can tell that she wants company because when someone rents a cabin, she sleeps on their porch! My husband and I will be leaving in a few weeks. She not only needs food but a home and someone to love her. She is very affectionate.

Please help. I will donate $50 to your cause. My cell phone is 337-523-0465.

8-)Mary Ledet
7:12pm 06-07-2018
Sadie Stock
I really need your help! I have this adorable cat and since I am moving away, she won't have a home. I would love to take her with me, but my new landowner won't allow pets. I love this cat and I really hope that you can help find her a home. She is very young and she is the cutest cat ever. Also, I'm not sure, but she may be pregnant. Please help. If you want to contact me, please call 424-365-2306 (I live in Houston)
11:44am 04-15-2018
Debra Robertson
Hope you can help me; I found 7 kittens in my back yard during the rain storm. They are eating dry cat food and drinking water. I need to know if you could find them homes. I want them to have a chance at growing up in a family not sitting at the pound awaiting death. 713-309-5990 La Porte
11:20am 03-19-2018
Hello I have a puppy that needs a new home , she is about a year old , we can no longer keep her due to losing our home ( owner sold the property ) she is amazing pup, you would be shocked the things she can do, she is able to jump Up into your arms, she can sit an even dance with a snack ! I dnt have no where to take her an just can’t syamd the thought of her being put down , so if you don’t have room for her could you please inform me where I can take her ! Thank you !
5:29pm 01-20-2018
Hannah Rogers
Dear Dawn, I am doing a competition project on advocacy for FCCLA and was wondering if my team mates and I could interview you about some of the animals you've helped. We would also like to partner up with your business. If you could E-mail me some dates that will work best for you to meet with us to go over the details I would greatly appreciate it.
4:26pm 01-04-2018
Georgie Stewart
Tried to look around your website but it was not working properly. Maybe you can check it out and I will come back another day.
3:32pm 09-08-2017
Sarah E Ewing
Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your team and your pets Today. I have set up on my Facebook pictures as well as your website information asking my friends to contribute to your pets. You have an amazing team and a beautiful building I know all the pets will be taken care of and loved until they find their forever home. Thank you again and next time I traveled down from Austin I will come and give you a hug and play with your babies. All of my best!


Sarah E Ewing
11:02am 09-26-2016
Mr Owens
Hi my name is Mr Owens. We urgently need new adopters to provide a loving family. People from all walks of life can adopt children, but in particular we are looking for adoptive parents who will be able to meet a child’s needs. and to those of you looking for baby to adopt, there are children and there are also set of twins, boy and girl here, Like all families, adoptive families come in all shapes and sizes. Interested couples looking forward to adopt the babies should please contact now. So if you’re thinking about starting the adoption process then please contact now at: or you can also contact us through our website:
there is no need for these children to suffer any more so PLEASE HELP by coming to take them for adoption. Help the little children. Thank you very much.
3:26am 08-30-2016
Heather Crockett
I found a beautiful, loving black kitten last night outside of Taco Cabana. I believe it is around 7 weeks old. I cannot keep her due to my housing only allowing my two cats and my rat. I will gladly pay for spay and vaccines if you have the space to take her. I am just looking for a good home. Thank you. Heather
7:51pm 08-29-2016
Judy Hildreth
I live in Deer Park and I have a litter of kittens that were born in my garage. The mom ran off and I brought the babies into my house and have been taking care of them. They are 13 weeks old and I can't find a safe place for them. The Deer Park shelter said that they might be put to sleep and that breaks my heart. They are very sweet and loving. There are 5 of them and I wondered if you have room for them or do you know where I could take them. They all need their shots and to be fixed and I simply don't have the money. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you and have a good day. Judy Hildreth
10:17pm 07-03-2016
Avery Phylis Alford
Happy Independence Day, Dawn! We are friends of Alice Anderson; I met you several years ago when Alice brought our grandsons to visit the shelter. Alice recently told us about Preston, a Bichon; and my husband Avery and I are very interested in making him a part of our family if he is still available. Thank you and blessings!
10:17am 05-29-2016
Judy Gammill
Happy Sunday!

I am interested in adopting Preston...a recent rescue who Wendy Lenze is currently fostering.
10:32pm 04-10-2016
I was looking at your website and looking at your cats but nothing came up do you not have any cats ??
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