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9:27am 04-10-2012
Patricia Kristal
Our close family pet Sammy is missing. He's white with brown patches. He has a blue coller with grey little bones on it. The tags are not attacted. Hes about 13 pounds. He was last seen in out back yard yesterday evening around 7ish. For some odd reason our back gate was open. We think Sammy got out. We live by the softball field on X street between Center and Georgia St in Deer Park. Please if you saw him let us know. He belongs to my children and without him their hearts will be broken. It would mean the world to our family to have him home Thanks Kristal 832-984-1014
9:49am 03-20-2012
I am ready to love another animal now, after losing my 17 yr old cat, Buttons, 6 years ago. It was a very hard loss. I have looked at the animals you have now, and have fallen in love with Snoopy, the dog! I can't get him yet, need to save the money, so I am sure he will be gone by the time I have the money. That is OK, I will keep looking! I know the right companion will come along soon! I do live in a pet friendly apartment complex in DP, with a little gated yard right in front of my apartment, the complex even provides the doggy bags to clean up after them!
5:49am 03-05-2012
Carl "Cat" Judd
HI this is a hard e-mail for me to write as i must give up Forrest (see pic) He is almost two years old. Forrest was born with a messed left front leg although he does not know is any different than other dogs. I got Forrest with two other dogs from my sister that could not find homes for these three boy's from a litter of eleven. So we took them. I was hurt very bad and have not worked in over seventeen months now. And my doctor just informed me that i most likely will never be able to go back to sea, as i was a professional Merchant Seaman. the other we are treating one has hart worms and other issues when he jumped the fence and was hit by a car. The other boy is just very aggressive it is all i can do to handle him.i find myself unable to continual caring for him and the other two guy's money wish wise and physically. Forrest is very gentle which i think will make a good pet for a loving individual are family he is black lab and blue healer mix although they all look like lab. Can you help us find him a home? Please let us know if so are if you can steer us in the right direction. H e can not be put down he is just to cool of a dog. Thank you Cat & Sheila
7:07am 02-05-2012
George Hughes
I lost my Schnauzer last September.She meant everything to me. I was crushed and thought I would never get over the loss. Then one day Dawn introduced me to a Schnauzer named Sneaky Pete. That was it for me. I had to give that boy a home. I still hurt over my loss, but Pete is helping my heart heal more everyday. Thank you A New New Dawn.
5:59pm 01-13-2012
Dawn thanks to you and your volunteers for the great work you are doing to save the poor cats and dogs from euthanasia. I know that all the pets you have taken in will be loved. Thank you for saving our two wonderful cats. They give us such fun.

I hope that others will think about adopting adult cats they are great.God Bless. Happy 2012
11:19am 01-10-2012
Robert Parrish
Recently visited and I was warmed by how welcoming and polite everyone was. The atmosphere is as friendly to the pets as it is the people. Thank you for a great visit!
9:43pm 10-12-2011
Debbie McCanna
My special needs students are having a wonderful time this week preparing the "doggy treat cups" for Yappy Hour! They've worked together to figure out an assembly line process for measuring and cutting ribbon, assembling the glassware, counting and filling each glass with treats, wrapping and tying the ribbon to seal the glasses, and finally stacking them carefully in a container for transport. They were so excited about their final product, they wanted to give Dawn a call. Each student was able to speak directly with Dawn and tell her of their contribution to our community project. They feel very proud to be helping out the animals of A New Dawn. Anyone who knows me knows that my two passions are special needs children and critters. It gives me great joy to see them come together in a win-win situation. Thanks, Dawn, for always making room for contributions from my students as well as opening your heart to our furry friends!
1:38pm 09-23-2011
Angela Cloyd
This is a WONDERFUL place! On 09/17/11 they had a booth at Stubbs HD for their 45th anniversary. Well I saw a picture of Lucky and brought my husband over to see his picture. Long story short, we rode home, changed and went straight over to look at him. They let him out and he bolted to his new Daddy! He is the sweetest and most adoreable dog I've owned. Oh, and I always have had females and he's our first male. It's a win win situation. He got a forever home and we got a great buddy! Everyone there was so nice as well. I'm spreading the word about A New Dawn!!!
9:14pm 09-22-2011
Christina Boles
Can you please post a picture of the new lab mix puppy you told me about today? Thanks, Christina (Deer Park Chamber)
7:53am 07-30-2011
I got a call at 11 pm last night that someone again dropped off a box of kittens. We have signs all over the building clearly stating that we cannot take drop-offs but people continue to do it. Please, please, be responsible and take these precious kittens to your local shelter. We are full to capacity and not able to accomodate drop-offs because of health concerns. We are an adoption center, not a shelter. When kittens are dropped off in the middle of the night like this, any number of things could happen to them before a volunteer finds them and then we are faced with leaving our animals that we are responsible for and taking these little creatures to a shelter. It absolutely rips our hearts out!
9:59pm 07-13-2011
This place is amazing! I used to volunteer here, but due to financial problem, I had to find a full time paying job, it broke my heart. The animals are well taken care of and loved. Each pet that comes into there finds a loving home, no matter how long it takes, they never give up. Dawn is one of the most amazing women I've ever met, she has a special something you don't find in everyone. She loves animals and is committed to helping all these "fur-babies". I've been really missing this place and all the good times lately, I was never as happy as I was when I was helping these animals, so I decided to come on here and let everyone know how awesome this place is.
9:13pm 07-08-2011
Laurie Dodson
Stray animals! Drop them at our door at A new Dawn! Yes we are a no kill shelter but we can not take animals that are dropped off and have to turn them over to a local city shelter. We are required to only take animals that have all there shots and paperwork or from a city shelter. So please stop dropping them off to us. It is ripping our hearts out to have to send them to the local city shelter and not know what will happen to them. It seems that kittens are in over population but unless you can take them and get all there shots and have them fixed please dont drop them off at our building because we have to turn them over to the local city shelter.
We can not save them so dropping them off in the night does not save Call us there are other places for cats but you have to call and find them. We will give you all the info we have! Just be responsible and dont leave them at our door in the middle of the night.
6:33am 07-02-2011
Laurie Dodson
Hey Everyone,
I saw Tommy yesterday! Harold and he walked to the office to say Hello. He looks great! He has lost a little weight and was very happy. Harold treats him like a kid so he is spoiled rotten! He looked at me like who are you! But after a while I got a kiss ! Harold is that one person we knew was out there! Its just proff that if we wait long enough the right person will appear!
8:47am 06-24-2011
Laurie is absolutely right about the adoption process. One of the advantages of our small adoption center is the love we can give these precious animals. They are treated with the utmost respect and they are loved as if they were our own pets. We do not want them to go into a home that we do not feel comfortable with. Dawn gets to know each animal as an individual and we have a good idea of which personality type would fit into certain homes. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, but it is always in the best interest of our little furry friends!
8:58pm 06-22-2011
Laurie Dodson
Last week Dawn and I were talking and she was upset because a application that we denied was writting ugly things about A New Dawn. I think she thinks I am crazy because I told her I dont really care what they think it is about the animal. This applicant claimed to have a pet but no vet and ask what kind of shots a puppy would need! Are you serious and you think we would give you this puppy. Dawn turns down applicates likely more than public shelters but we are all about finding the perfect home. I will never be ashame to be a part of this organization no matter what people say as long as we have values that effect every adoption. We realize that all our applicants really want the animal but they must realize that we have to do what we feel is best for the animal. So if you get turned down with us think about why. We will gladly consider you again if you learn from the reason we turned you down. Thanks Dawn for always putting our 4 legged friends first.
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