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5:35pm 09-08-2010
A New Dawn Pet Adoption Center - adopts to people who plan to declaw their cats. Please let them know this is not acceptable - declawing is a form of abuse and abusive people should not adopt! Adoption agencies should NOT approve declawing as a first resort!
9:54pm 09-04-2010
I met Persy in Petsmart pasadena TX today!
8:09pm 08-20-2010
cheryl mccullough
Dawn, so glad to see you again, say Hi to all the doggies & of course meet your monkey face baby.
6:29pm 08-16-2010
Terri Bone
My family and I had the chanced to meet you and Toto at Pet Smart on Saturday. We were so impressed in what you are doing that we came home and got on your website. We have all picked out a few puppies that we are interested in looking at. It will be a hard choice. I guess the puppy will have to choose.
We have been sad since our Bull Mastiff puppy died and are wanting to love one of yours.
Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday if you are at the center.

Thanks for all you do!
4:44pm 08-09-2010
Dawn, yall are soo great for doing this. Garrett and I need to come and volunteer. I would love to help you host a garage sale, for a fundraiser. I am also thinking about a third dog...I will keep checking back. Our other two are from shelters like yours, and it makes all the difference when someone can match you up with the right dog!
9:48am 08-05-2010
Sent my volunteer application in last night. Would love to come help once school starts.
10:31pm 07-15-2010
I just sent in my application for a volunteer today. I can't wait until I get to come play with all the animals!!
9:57am 07-12-2010
Jennifer B
Just sponsored Baby Bentley. He is so awesome - I know he will be adopted soon...he is super cute!

9:42pm 07-09-2010
tell all the kitties and puppies hi for me.
1:18pm 04-15-2010
tell all puppies am looking forward to seeing them soon

4:02pm 04-08-2010
John Thackway
Hi: I have four new born kittens, 3 weeks old, in great health and I need a home for each one of them.

If you can help, please call me in Houston, (6 and Richmond at 281-647-6120
Thanks - John Thackway
7:58pm 02-01-2010
Hi, my name is Kenji, but you knew me last year as "Dusk". Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy in my home (I've been here six months now). I have two little girls who keep me very busy and the mommy of the house takes me on daily walks. I'm very loved. Thanks for all you did for me.
2:47pm 01-12-2010
Linda Bridges
Our company, Frost Bank, is going to collect for your Wish List. I heard about you from my co-worker who lives in Deer park. I passed your Shelter name on to our committee. The contact person you will hear from will be Ashley Olson Rowe. She loves animals. Thank you so much for taking care of these precious animals.
8:02pm 12-12-2009
Keep up the work on the web, it looks great!
11:35am 11-05-2009
I will also post your story and events on my facebook page. I know that success in fundraising events is to get people there.
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