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2:47pm 01-12-2010
Our company, Frost Bank, is going to collect for your Wish List. I heard about you from my co-worker who lives in Deer park. I passed your Shelter name on to our committee. The contact person you will hear from will be Ashley Olson Rowe. She loves animals. Thank you so much for taking care of these precious animals.
8:02pm 12-12-2009
Keep up the work on the web, it looks great!
11:35am 11-05-2009
I will also post your story and events on my facebook page. I know that success in fundraising events is to get people there.
11:33am 11-05-2009
Dawn, I saw your story on channel 13. I used to volunteer for other animal shelters so I know how difficult it is raising money and getting the animals adopted out. I am going to try and come out to your fundraiser on Sunday. Good luck in your great work and thanks for doing it.
Cheryl Rhame
12:44am 10-19-2009
yall are doing great things for the animals. Thats great
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